Sustainability development

Harmony and win-win Harmony and win-win

Over the years, Yaoda has been committed to promoting sustainable development in the areas of environment, social issues and corporate governance. To achieve the harmony between society and nature, to achieve the continuous growth of material wealth, and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Innovation achievements Innovation achievements

Yaoda always adheres to the principle of innovation to achieve the future and patent protection of technology. With the rapid development of knowledge economy today, innovation has become an important force of the company. Only through continuous innovation, the innovation ability of enterprises can truly achieve the purpose of sustainable development.

Prudent management Prudent management

Yaoda focuses on the production and manufacturing of waste spinning loose machine, constantly pioneering and innovating, improving the equipment performance and improving the intelligent operation of the production line. The purpose is to provide more efficient recycling for the waste spinning industry.

Green cycle Green cycle

Yaoda makes contributions in the field of sustainable fiber production. Yaoda's joint loosening equipment is an indispensable part in the sustainable development and recycling of waste textiles.

Climate and ecological environment protection Climate and ecological environment protection

To achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050 and contribute to the net positive state of nature by supporting the protection, restoration and regeneration of land and freshwater ecosystems in our value chain.

Closed loop production Closed loop production

Establish a clean closed-loop production system, and conduct zero harm production by thoroughly reducing the emission of harmful substances and zero emission.

Innovation and circulation Innovation and circulation

Recognize the net positive potential of MMCF by leading innovation and driving the cycle of the entire value chain.

Inclusive growth Inclusive growth

Security, Safety and Health Department Our employees and communities create common values and prosperity through innovation and care.

The concept of remote and large promotes the development of enterprises

Yaoda Environmental Protection actively responds to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. While providing innovative products and services, it integrates the concept of sustainable development management into all aspects of business operations, builds a sustainable development management system, adheres to the principles of ethical and compliance management, and continuously strengthens the communication between stakeholders to ensure the sustainable development of the company and give back to customers and society.

Harmonious Ecology
Environmental Protection
Social Responsibility